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Boulder Cluster, 2014

Boulder Cluster is a proposal for a residential and public use building on the central square of the Swedish town Katrineholm. The new building volume helps to frame the main square while creating links with the wider urban context, allowing for passage to the bus stop, train station and the public buildings on the opposite side of the railway.

The volume of the building is based on polygonal forms that refer to finely cut ashlar, trapezoidal or polygonal masonry, while the smaller scale surface articulation serves as a contemporary form of ornamentation or rustication of the façade. The proposal plays on the resemblance between architectural form and forms derived from elements of landscape. A boulder cluster is a small distinct group of boulders so closely clustered together that they cannot be marked individually.

Project Design: Brrum in collaboration with Servo Stockholm & Servo Los Angeles
Design Team: Cecilia Lundbäck, Marcelyn Gow, Selma Udriot-Johansson, Ulrika Karlsson, Veronica Skeppe