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A Collection, 2015

Eight landscape objects - the Stack, the Well, the Hut, the Retaining Wall, the Roof, the Lid, the Shelter and the Plate - form a collection of spatial objects and elevated gardens of both filigree and solid character that occupy the shallow cavities and niches of a park. Scattered along the park, they share a semblance, just like different pieces of china. The pieces provide different qualities such as spaces for play, filtering of light, holding ground, protection from rain, collective seating, garden views and the possibilities to wet ones feet.

Decorative patterns from different local tableware have been borrowed, transformed and manipulated into extruded clusters. Color and figural qualities of repetition, radial arrangement and symmetry are thus carried over from the domestic tradition of ceramic patterns to a collection of landscape objects.

Project Design: Ulrika Karlsson in collaboration with Cecilia Lundbäck & Veronica Skeppe
Design Team: Cecilia Lundbäck, Gabriel Johannesson, Ulrika Karlsson, Veronica Skeppe
Consultant: Carluno Påhlstedt - Structural engineering