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Hrof, 2017

The word hrof is old English with the meaning "roof, the sky or heavens" The contemporary roof also has an older meaning that goes beyond the building element but is rather associated with something that offers protection and hosipitality.

The project, a proposal for a new church in Ylivieska, consists of a large roof. Under the roof the parish gathers for christenings, weddings, funerals and mass. The roof gives protection and forms a high and spaciuos church interior. Also from the outside, the roof of the building is eyecatching. It is clad with large metal tiles that are anodized to shift in color. The tiles have an embossed relief to give the large surfaces of the roof a varying texture.

The construction of the church is made of timber. The exposed interior structure describes the space that is defined by the large roof and also creates a subtle subdivision of the space of the church choir.

The project was made as a proposal for a new church in Ylivieska, Finland.