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The Pit, the Mound and the Tiger, 2017

Brrum was awarded 2nd price in the competition Design a Story with the contribution The Pit, the Mound and the Tiger - an illustrated story about the material history of a specific site in Järfälla north of Stockholm. The competition was part of the project Kalejdohill. Jury motivation: "Cecilia Lundbäck, Ulrika Karlsson, Veronica Skeppe’s submission is a mysterious landscape that upon first glance can barely be noticed. Geographic transformations emerge and disappear. Where a pile once sat, now lays a hole. Humans arrive to find new work has been done; what they left is not it is now. A strange terrain emerges by the labor of other actors, other agents, with other motives. Other traces, other artifacts, other machines are left behind for us to decipher other ways of inhabiting the earth."

Project Design: Brrum
Design Team: Cecilia Lundbäck, Veronica Skeppe