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Navigation Figures, 2020 -

A cluster of point lights is sending out signals in the night. The illuminated points create figures, (a message), apparent only from certain positions. Passing by the site in the dark, the point lights will appear as a glowing flock. Moving along or around the site, the patterns formed by the lights change. Only from a few certain viewpoints a clear figure forms. The three geometrical figures, discernible in the swarm of light, are projected onto the site from different directions. One from the center of Tampere, along the track carrying people from the city. Commuting citizens and dog owners will tell of the triangle. The second from the lake, the small water of Iidesjärvi. Lone farers of the lake or visitors and inhabitants of the wetlands will tell of the ellips. The third figure projects from the sky, writing a circle on the ground when seen from above. Migrating birds, migrating people and drone pilots will tell of the circle. In daytime the lights are turned off and the structure is visible, as a jumble hovering over the swampland. The painted pattern amplifies the messiness from a close distance. Lines appear and indicate directions – not one but several. The structure can also hold small apparatuses - radio transmitters and receivers, gauges for temperature, air pressure and pollution. This way it can carry messages even further. Transmitting messages of communication – long-range, short-range, no-range.

Navigation Figures is a public artwork in Tampere, Finland, currently under production. Installation is planned for the summer of 2021.