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Storm Timber, 2019

When the storm Alfrida’s way over Scandinavia 1-2 January 2019, large quantities of trees – as much as 500 000 m3 – fell in the Stockholm archipelago. The island Särsö is partly owned and managed by The Archipelago Foundation and is accessible from central Stockholm by public boat traffic. Instead of producing pulp from the fallen trees somewhere else, we used a resourceful method of refining the timber on site into furniture.

The table, stools and benches are all made from oak and pine trees that fell in the storm Alfrida and provide public furniture for the island. The legs borrow figures and silhouettes from local ornamentation of carpentry. The end grain is painted with white linseed oil to allow the wood to dry slower and more evenly as well as to connect it to the tradition of painting the corners and details of the farmhouses white.

The construction of the furniture is adapted to the aspect of working with green wood. The joints are developed specifically for the project and made to gain stability and strength as the wood dries.

Brrum in collaboration with cabinet maker Daniel Garnbeck.