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Drawing Archive, 2018

The drawing archive provides a structure to collect and display a set of exhibited drawings. Its structural logic is based on the design of a path through space, a toolpath, that resonates the measurements and details of the greenhouse Serra dei Giardini, the site for the exhibition.

When machining, a toolpath is the path through space that the tip of a cutting tool follows on its way to produce an anticipated form out of a workpiece or stock. In this case, the toolpath of the drawing archive is a diagram that gains materiality and thickness based on the characteristics of pine and carpentry techniques such as joining and milling. In a second step, the material path acts as the workpiece or stock itself. A tip of a cutting tool reiterates the toolpath and a series of grooves gets inscribed and gives detail to the drawing archive.

The project is a collaboration between Brrum and the furniture maker Daniel Garnbeck.