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Ense, 2022

The word ense in Swedish, describes when things are in line with a recommended track when navigating at sea. When, from your position, you see that two marks are ense you have a leading line. It is an abstraction of the landscape, a possible direction without end and beginning. The site, which are the remains of an exit/on-ramp in Stockholm indicate a change of direction with a couple of abrupt endings, without connection. Ense suggests another direction on the site, other connections. The leading line continues out from its location and indicates a new track and trajectory.

Ense was part of the group exhibition Avfart that took place on the exit/on-ramp between Kristineberg and Essingeleden in Stockholm in May 2022. The exhibition was organized byZimmHall in collaboration with Björn Norberg and Konstfrämjandet.

Titel: Ense
Architect/artist: Brrum
Team: Ulrika Karlsson, Cecilia Lundbäck, Felix Wahlgren
År: 2022
Materials: Wood, paint, screw, sandbag